About Hanyu Soaring Club

Hanyu Soaring Club (HSC) is an incorporated non-profit organization (NPO) aiming to promote skysports and help regional development.

Our goal is not only to nurture sociality and cooperativeness through flying activities with glider and motor-glider, but to contribute to local communities by communicating with residents and participating in regional events.

About Us

HSC's main activity is flying on a glider (sailplane) and a motorglider (powerd sailplane). HSC consists of members not only who like to fly, but also who like mechanical work such as aircraft maintenance. Each member plays an active role utilizing his/her experience and skill of expertise.

HSC gives top most importance to the safety and has been keeping ZERO ACCIDENT resulting in injury or death since its foundation in 1999.

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Flying acrivities are conducted throughout the year mainly on weekends and holidays. When the weather is too bad to fly, maintenance activities and classroom studies are held.

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Hanyu Gliderport

HSC's base of activity is Hanyu gliderport in Hanyu city, Saitama prefecture. It is located on the right riverbed of Tone river in north-east region of Hanyu city. Hanyu gliderport is one of the most ideal gliderport in Kanto region. Good thermal conditions are expected in all seasons and less obstacles like high-voltage lines exist around the field.

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Join Us

HSC is open to membership application throughout the year. Anyone can submit application regardless of age and flying experience. We welcome an absolute beginner who has never seen a glider (sailplane) before. Many members who began to fly after joining HSC have grown to obtain a private pilot license.

If you are interested in HSC's activities, please come visit Hanyu gliderport once.

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What's New

2023.06.11Changed domain to 'hanyu-soaring.jp'.
2023.01.16The website is wholly redesigned.