These aircrafts are now for sale due to HSC's fleet renewal.

JA30HA Christen A-1 Husky
JA2882 Scheibe SF28A Tandem Falke

Notice to pilots flying around Hanyu gliderport

Hanyu flying area is a heavy traffic area where up to 4,000 takeoffs and landings are performed in a year, mostly during weekends and holidays. The traffic includes a solo flight by student pilot who can hardly take a quick action for traffic avoidance.

Pilots intending to enter the flying area within 5 kilometers radius of Hanyu gliderport should contact Hanyu Flight Service (130.725MHz) and obtain traffic information before entering.

Aircrafts not equipped with an aeronautical radio, such as ultralight airplanes, should avoid flying within 3 kilometers radius of Hanyu gliderport.

Frequency 130.725 MHz
Operation Day Days of flying activity mainly on weekends and holidays
Operation Time 10:00 - 17:00 JST depending on situation

Notice to pilots conducting XC flight

Pilots planning to a cross country flight with considering Hanyu gliderport as destination or possible outlanding field should apply for a permit to use Hanyu gliderport in advance. Please contact HSC's staff to get instructions how to submit the application.

Although the runway is properly maintained, a safe condition for landing is not always guaranteed. Especially during a stuff absence, equipments or intruders may occasionally exist on the runway.

For your safer XC flights, positive information sharing is significant.

Landing runway of Hanyu gliderport

In 2006, a construction road was build adjacent to the runway of Hanyu gliderport by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Since then, the available part of the runway has slightly moved north-westward (upstream of the river) and the magnetic bearing has changed from 15-33 to 14-32*. Landing must be conducted on the widely opened area in the north-west half of the runway. The south-east half of the runway is unsafe for landing due to its insufficient width.

* For northward landing, you must fly a left traffic pattern for runway 33. Even in this case, you should avoid landing on the near-side narrow area, but should touchdown on the north-west wide area.